Modern Boho-Farmhouse Living Room Furniture & Decor

Modern Boho Living Room Decor: Click this pic to shop what you see here!

This corner of our living room is finally finished! We painted the back wall and hung the large print over the fireplace a few months ago… and then I wasn’t sure exactly how to proceed. Here’s a before pic from the previous home owners:

The navy accent wall was pretty. I like the pop of a dark accent wall. But in this space there isn’t a lot of natural light, so I knew the wall needed to be painted a lighter color to brighten up the space. After a bit of debate, we went for it and painted the back wall to match the rest of the house.

Here are a few pics of the rest of the living room area:

This corner is opposite the fireplace & windows area. I love the vaulted ceilings in this living room!
This area is next to the couch area pictured above. Behind this pony wall is our stairs down to the basement. Hanging this GINORMOUS wall art was not easy, since we couldn’t place a ladder on the stairs!
When you are facing the fireplace wall, this dining nook is to the right. Coming soon… I need to do a home decor post all about our dining nook and kitchen!! For now, you can shop what you see in the dining nook area via this link!

The cold weather that came this fall was my impetus to finally figure out this fireplace area! I wanted a cozy rug and chairs so we could sit by the fire and relax on cold nights. The perfect place to curl up with a book!

I looked at a lot of local stores and couldn’t find any affordable chairs that I liked that were right for this space. Then I finally discovered this set of chairs on Amazon for just $140. I crossed my fingers and ordered them.

When they came, I was impressed with the faux leather texture and quality!! So I definitely had to share them with you all. They come in 5 different colors too!

Faux Leather Accent Chairs: Set of two for $140. Comes in 5 different colors! Some people have used them as dining table chairs as well. Great quality and faux leather texture. Click here to check them out!

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  1. I love how open, clean, and tasteful your home is. Thanks for posting these pictures. Your home should be on one of the TV stations that shows before and after shots!!!


    1. Thanks so much for reading this post and for your kind comments! I really do love home decor!

      Liked by 1 person

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