How to Find the Best Fashion Deals on Amazon

I recently wore a cute dress to church, and when I was complimented on it, I responded that I bought it from Amazon. The gal surprisedly exclaimed, “oh wow, I can never seem to find any good clothes on Amazon.” Shopping fashion on Amazon can be tricky (for a few reasons)… so that’s why I am here! Consider me your Amazon Fashion “sherpa” to guide you safely through the shopping experience and lead you directly to the best finds!

The best thing about shopping for fashion on Amazon is that you can find cute things at great prices, with free shipping and free returns (so convenient)! Sooo, here are my 7 tips for shopping fashion on Amazon, so you don’t get burned by a few common mistakes:

  1. Only buy clothes that are marked FREE RETURNS. It is easy to get busy shoppin’ and not notice such a fine little detail… but if you order clothes that don’t say this you might not be able to return it at all if it doesn’t fit or if the quality is poor. (Yes I have made this mistake before!) See the graphic below for where you would find the FREE RETURNS info.

2. Utilize the size charts! And, even more importantly, always click on the “Fit” link to see how other shoppers are reporting this item to fit. If a lot of people are finding it to run small or big, you can use that to help you decide which size to get for yourself. You can also read the reviews for more details about the item.

3. Bookmark and follow my Amazon Fashion page to see my picks for what is stylish and current (including name brands like these Adidas sneakers). Here’s a peek at just a few of the items I have shared recently on my Amazon page (it is summer now but I will constantly update these with seasonal favorites):

4. Look for the “text box/chat” icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the item photos on my page (see graphic below). That means I have added my personal notes about the item (because I have purchased it and can comment on quality and fit.) Scroll over the icon to read my notes. Please note: I haven’t tried everything on my Amazon page… just because something is there doesn’t mean I am vouching for the quality of it… it means I think it is stylish and I recommend trying it (and would like to do so myself). Remember to always buy with free prime shipping and FREE RETURNS, so there is no harm in trying any of these and sending it back if you don’t like it or the quality isn’t great!!

5. Beware of “look alike” items. Many times there is an item that uses the same photos or looks the same, but it is actually a poor quality copy-cat. You may see me (or any fashion blogger) wearing a cute Amazon find on Instagram… so you go to Amazon on your own and see something that looks like it and buy it… just to find out the quality stinks and you can’t return it… It has happened to all of us! So avoid this pitfall and use direct links from your favorite fashion bloggers (or shop straight from my Amazon page) to make sure you are getting the right item from the right seller!

6. Follow me on Instagram @kendracampbellxo to see my Amazon picks (and other fashion favorites) in real life! You can also get styling tips for these fun Amazon finds, like the perfect shoes, bag, or jewelry to complete the perfect outfit! Plus, see #7 below for the ultimate benefit… 😉

7. Check out my Amazon Fashion try-on videos! This way you can see the outfits in action with sizing and styling tips. You can find these videos in my profile story highlights! @kendracampbellxo on Instagram!

Now, the fun part: shopping! Head right here to shop my current Amazon fashion favorites! Be sure to bookmark the page so you can refer back to it in the future as I add to it!

I hope you found these tips to be helpful and will be well on your way to finding some cute, affordable, good quality Amazon Fashion items! Let me know if you have any questions!

For more fashion inspiration, follow me on Instagram @kendracampbellxo, and in the app: @kendracampbellxo.

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