Mineral-Infused Coffee – Try a Bag Free!

Cafe 504 coffees discovered that the secret to get that delicious barista-brewed coffee flavor depends on the minerals in the water used to brew it. Did you know that coffee shops use fancy mineral waters to brew you the best-tasting coffee?? Well Cafe 504 took that technology up a notch by adding the minerals directly into the coffee, so we can get that coffee shop taste right at home!

I recently tried their k-cups, and I’m hooked! When you go to their website, you enter your location and the type of coffee you like, and they will recommend a custom blend for you based on the mineral content of the water in your location. I also love that they partner with World Vision so that each bag of coffee purchased provides clean water and economic opportunity for the people who grew the coffee.

Cafe 504 has a monthly delivery subscription, and it only runs $20- $23 a month! You can get your first one-month supply of coffee for free with code FIRSTFREE! Click here to check out their website and find your perfect blend. If you try it out, let me know how you love it!

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