Vote on Our Kitchen Backsplash! And Kitchen/Dining Room Decor Sources

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating Ideas. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paint color.

We just had our floor tile and grout professionally cleaned by Coconut Cleaning Co. and it seemed like the perfect time to get some fresh photos of our home. I am also sharing the sources for all of our kitchen lighting, paint, and decor. So keep reading!

Our home is a work in progress… I have so many ideas for decorating projects, and not enough time to do them all! The biggest project that has slipped through the cracks is picking out a kitchen backsplash and getting it installed. We’ve been here a little over a year… ooops! Part of the problem is that my husband and I don’t exactly agree on what we want. Hmmmm so to Pinterest we go for some inspiration!

Here are a few more pics of our kitchen to put it in context…

When you walk into our kitchen, this is the center and left side of the kitchen.
Here is the right side of the kitchen area.

So, we need backsplash on three walls. The left wall where the kitchen sink is, the back (main) wall where the stove is, and this long side wall of cabinets.

I’m just gonna throw it out there… I like plain white subway tile. With either white or dark grey grout. I think the white tiles are classic and will help all the white wall outlets blend in. Hubby thinks the kitchen is already too “white” to have a white backsplash. I’m open to ideas, so here are a few favorite ideas from Pinterest.

235 Likes, 44 Comments - Cynthia (@cynthia_harper_) on Instagram: “With 2 little ones, my kitchen is rarely this clean 😉  So when it is, I document it 👊  Can anybody…”
White subway tile with dark grey (or is it black?) grout. This kitchen has white cabinets with dark hardware like ours, and added wood textures. I think this would look great in our kitchen for a very classic/farmhouse style.

I find that my kitchen seems to stay cleaner in the summertime, thanks to grilling and eating outside much of the time. But I'm also…

One more look at the same kitchen! I love the black & white decor like we have in our kitchen.

Here is another gorgeous kitchen with white subway tile and dark grout. Love.

Another peek at the same kitchen.

If this distressed white brick backsplash exists, I need to find it. This *may* be my favorite option. But might still be a little too “white” for our kitchen. This kitchen was done by Chip & Joanna Gaines. So of course it is PERFECTION.

Here is a close-up look at the brick backsplash.

Here is a darker brick backsplash that appears to have grey tones in it.

Cement Tile Shop - Encaustic Cement Tile Kyra II Terrazzo
I would loooove to do this on the wall above the stove (or maybe one of the side walls), like a backsplash “accent wall.” I don’t think hubby will ever go for it though. Hmmm…


A trio of Corsica Pendants illuminate an extra long kitchen island topped with white quartz fitted with a sink and gooseneck faucet lined with industrial metal and wood swivel counter stools.
Beveled edge white subway tiles with white grout. Sooo pretty! But too much white??? Hmmm…
beveled subway tile with grey grout
And here is white beveled subway tile with grey grout.
Custom beverage center with “X” wine rack and small refrigerator. Notice the beaded face frames, inset doors and panelized ends.
Smoky Grey subway tile. This could be pretty!

Sooooo which type of backsplash do you like best for our kitchen?! Leave a comment and cast your vote!

I also wanted to share the sources we have used in the kitchen so far, from the paint color to the lights, to the countertops and the decorations. Just in case you see something you like!

For starters, the paint color in our house is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. I am used to it now, but when we first painted I thought it was too “gray” and kinda wished we had gone with Agreeable Gray, which has slightly more beige in it (“greige”).


This gorgeous vase on the counter has been there year-round (it’s love), and you can purchase it here. (We have the 18″ one.)

Our countertops are white river granite. It is an attractive white countertop… but if we could do it over again, we would pay more and get quartz that looks like marble. The white river granite is very porous and doesn’t seal well (ie water seeps in rather than beading on the surface, even after we sealed it). It also chips and cracks easily. Literally… I banged a heavy glass plate on the edge of the counter by accident and the granite chipped but the plate didn’t.

Farmhouse chandelier and edison bulb pendant lights. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paint color.

I spent a loooong time poring over Fixer Upper photos and searching for the perfect lighting fixtures to get the modern farmhouse look. I am so pleased with these edison bulb pendant lights (over our island) and this chandelier that hangs over our kitchen table. (If you use these affiliate links to purchase, I will receive a small commission that costs you nothing! Much appreciated!)

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier from World Market, Wood Beaded Corinne Chandelier

Another view of this rustic farmhouse chandelier over our kitchen table.

Our floors are a wood-look tile. I don’t know the name of it off the top of my head, but if you are interested let me know and I can probably find it in the documents from our home build.


Another view of the 18″ vase and these perfect pendant lights! (They aren’t crooked, it’s just a weird camera angle.)


Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray paint color.

This geometric black & white rug with tassels was a recent purchase from Target, and it’s perfect!

Also… see that round rustic lazy susan to the right of the stove top? It’s such a convenient way to store some of the essentials we cook with every day (olive oil, balsamic, avocado oil, salt, pepper) in a non-cluttered maner.

Also I have to give a shout-out to my favorite appliance, seen in the pic above. My Keurig K475 brewer. I looove this sandy beige color (rather than black and silver) and it seems to be so rare now, I can only find it on this site. If you are in the market for a new Keurig, I highly recommend this one!

Modern Farmhouse shelf vignette with hand-painted signs. Copper Moscow Mule mugs.

These shelves are to the left of the kitchen sink, and I just love this little vignette! The shelves have a rustic unfinished edge, although you can’t exactly tell from this angle. We have the 2′ long shelves, and these black shelf brackets.

Don’t you just love the copper moscow mule mugs?! I searched high and low for a good deal on GOOD QUALITY ones, and decided on these ones.

The black metal bar and hooks are from Ikea (as well as the little plants and silver containers), and the hand-painted signs are from an adorable local shop: Jaxn Blvd (yes, they ship!).

Rustic Farmhouse Decor. Rustic Wood Wine Riddling Rack.

This area to the left of our sliding glass door is a new work in progress. Notice how the gather sign is just sitting there, LOL! This large rustic side table fits with our decor (and is also described as a kitchen island, it’s pretty big!)

The wooden rustic wine riddling rack is such a unique piece. I got it for a deal on OneKingsLane years ago… but you can get the same (or similar) one here or here.

Thanks for touring our kitchen! Hopefully I will have updated pics with backsplash in the near future! Leave a comment if you have any other questions about the kitchen!



54 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea Sauve Worden says:

    I love the Beveled edge white subway tiles with white grout. it’s classic.


    1. Thanks Andrea! I agree, it’s so pretty and classic! I like that the beveled edge adds some dimension.


      1. Mary says:

        Go with your first choice! Joanna is awesome so go herway! You kitchen is to die for! I love it!❤️


  2. Monica says:

    Oh my gosh it’s such a hard decision! I personally loved the gray subway tile for a bit more contrast. Also, our paint is Repose Gray too!!! Too funny! It’s an awesome color, so dimensional. I thought I wanted more of a cool tone gray this time around (we just loved) and it ended up coming out blue almost. So definitely thinking more warm tone…


    1. Thanks for reading the blog and for your feedback! ❤ I'm still undecided but need to figure out the backsplash ASAP!


      1. Megan Niebel says:

        I love this look!!! Do you have the info on the tile?


    2. Lisa says:

      Love the gray tile. The gloss adds something also


  3. Judy says:

    Hi. Would love to know the wood look tile name please. We are going to be doing almost exactly the same kitchen. 😍😍Lol. I’m going towards the plain subway tile or the glass tile. Love your home.


  4. Denean says:

    Hi there! I love subway tile and my favorite is white with white but in the real world… White grout will stain and show spots. I too love the brick but like you not sure where you find this. The gray is beautiful bbut to me it’s so close to your paint color now- you might not see the change your looking for. Looking at it all I say beveled white with gray grout. Good Luck and can’t wait to see your decision and pics please!!


  5. Rachel says:

    I love the distressed white brick! You have a beautiful kitchen and I am so thankful you shared 🙂 if you could find it, I would love to know the name of your tile flooring. I think it’s the perfect color for our house!


  6. Christine says:

    Would love to know the floor tile, if you find it.


  7. Rachel says:

    I really like that distressed white brick too. I think if that wasn’t a possibility I’d take your first pick of the white subway tile with the dark grey grout. All of your choices are beautiful though. I don’t think you’d go wrong with any of them. Pick the one you’re in love with the most.


  8. Gina Calkins says:

    Have you thought about the Smokey gray glass tile with a darker gray grout?
    The contrast is not for everyone but worth a look.


  9. Vickie Gilliland says:

    I am adding an island, and I love the look of yours. Can you provide the dimensions? Thanks!


  10. Judy says:

    I personally love the Smokey grey subway tile. It’s a nice look. Very clean. I love your counter tops and cabinets also. A beautiful home.


  11. Nikki says:

    I love your kitchen! Our house is all repose gray! Which backsplash did you settle on?


  12. Felicia says:

    I’m sure you picked a backsplash already but I believe there is never too much white! (I used to be completely against white). I love your floors and am interested in what color they are and other details you have.


  13. Melissa says:

    Love your kitchen! I am curious about the name of your tile floor and where you found it. I’m having such a hard time finding one I like for my house but I love this.

    Thanks so much!


  14. Deborah says:

    Grey subway tile gives you the style you like and the coordinatin g color gives hubby the contrast he needs. Your kitchen is perfect for my style. Any patterned tile would be too busy for me.


  15. Anna says:

    I love your flooring with your white cabinets! Could you tell me what it is? Also are your cabinets white or a warm white? Thanks!


  16. Clare says:

    I love the floor tile, can you send Info on it???


  17. What’s the cabinet paint color?


  18. Ashley hull says:

    My husband and I are in love with your tile floors. Do you possibly know the name of them?


  19. Lorna says:

    I’m looking at solid clear glass backsplash. You can paint the backside whatever color. No grout easy to wipe clean.


  20. Amber says:

    I love your kitchen I need the name of your tile please ☺️


  21. keri Lopez says:

    What did you choose? Would love to see. You have a gorgeous kitchen!
    Personally I loved each sample for a different reason so I don’t think you could go wrong 🙂


  22. Laura G says:

    Hi. I love your kitchen. Can you tell me the maker of your flooring? And shade?


  23. Elaine Treadwell says:

    I am interested in knowing the name/ brand/color etc. of your floor tile if you can locate that information. Thank you


  24. Elizabeth w. Allen says:

    The white beveled subway with the light grey grout will be timeless. The grey grout will also blend with stainless steel for years to come no matter what new color becomes the next trend.


  25. Natalia Lyne says:

    What color and where did you get your tile? Love them!!!


  26. Tiffany says:

    What is the name of the tile?


  27. Erin says:

    Thank you for sharing. What color are your cabinets and do they match the marble exactly? I’m struggling with this decision for my own kitchen.


  28. Desaree says:

    Have you picked one? Your kitchen is stunning. Can’t wait to see the end result.
    We’re building and I decided on a subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern. It’ll be done in August. Can’t wait to see that as well! Have a great day.


  29. Erin says:

    I love your kitchen! The colors are perfect and I think white tile is a great idea. I am wondering what color your cabinets are painted? Do you like the contrast from the granite to the bright white cabinets? I’m trying to decide for our kitchen remodel. Thanks!


  30. J. Paul says:

    I absolutely love your kitchen! It’s my inspiration picture for mines. Did you ever decide on your backsplash?


  31. Pat Nelson says:

    I liked your honest comment about your granite. I love yours but I think I’ll shop for Quartz. By the way your kitchen is beautiful.


  32. Kristin says:

    Looks awesome! What is your cabinet color? I am about to repaint our house from Passive (SW) to Repose gray. Our cabinets are stock espresso color and wanted to paint them. Thanks a bunch!


  33. Shirl says:

    Do u cook? Because white grout would be a mistake. Everything is lively when it’s clean and not used. Good luck!


  34. Susan says:

    Beautiful! We just did a similar idea about 2 years ago! Almost identical granite, I was going quartz and the installer convinced me to go granite! He sealed it for me and honestly said it wouldn,t need sealing again for 10 years, so far so good!i only use the proper granite spray on it! I did white subway with white grout but really liked the grey, black grout you have showed much better, kind of wish I had done that! I used large subway and stacked them straight, not staggered and I love that! I opted for three lights over my island but I think it is longer than yours and I did away with any chandelier and just went with 4 pot lights on dimmer over the table! Wish I had gone 5, got talked out of it by the electrician, if I ever do it again, which I would in another house in a heartbeat, I am sticking to my guns!i did a darker floor but other than that very white! Love love love it! This was a rather large comment! Ha ha


  35. Kristen says:

    What color hardware is on the cabinets ? I can’t tell if it’s black or bronze.

    Personally I love the white brick! And my husband says the same thing about our kitchen being too white but I love the white !!


  36. Marie says:

    I like all the choices but I think my vote is for the white tile with gray grout. I love the gray tile but with your countertops and gray walls it may be too much gray and the contrast with your beautiful countertops would be lost. I love white subway tile but the white tile with white grout is too much white for me. I love the patterned tile but it would be too much on all your counters. It would be beautiful behind your stove with a range hood but the microwave over the stove would not show off the tile the way it deserves. So yeah I vote for the white subway tile with the gray grout. BTW your kitchen is awesome. I love the white cabinets and black cabinet library pulls and mixed countertops. Great job.


  37. Stephanie L. says:

    I love your tile color! Whats the name of it?


  38. Tara says:

    It’s beautiful!! Thanks for sharing. I love the floors do you have a source for those?


  39. Hi Kendra! I love your kitchen we are remodeling and I was wondering what type of faucet you got? We are looking for a black ones as l


  40. Cathy says:

    We could be twins! Just starting kitchen remodel and have identical set up to you! Doing white cabinets, white marble look quartz (love your comments,) and similar lights. My husbands comments mirror your husbands! We are going with tan glass subway blocks in herringbone pattern to give some dimension so I vote for Smokey grey blocks


  41. Raquel Castaneda says:

    Can you please tell me the color of your floors I love them and I love the subway tiles 😁


  42. Savannah Eells says:

    Hi I just have a question on what your cabinet color is? Painting ours and trying to do some research!! Thanks!


  43. Karen Dee Branch-Crawford says:

    what material and how much for the cabinetry install?


  44. Mary Jo says:

    I am so glad I saw your post (better late than never!). We are remodeling our kitchen after the holidays and your insights really help me get my head straight. I love your kitchen and would enjoy seeing it with the backsplash you chose. I think I have “liked” everything on Floor and Decor’s site as it pertains to backsplashes. The thought of having to make a decision is overwhelming!


  45. Whitney says:

    I just want to let you know your kitchen has inspired me in our new build. So much that I want to completely mimic the entire thing! I think you have just nailed it and I felt empowered to let you know. I have shown everyone in my family this picture and they all tell me how stunning it is. This is my dream kitchen! Thank you for posting and sharing your beautiful kitchen!


  46. Shannon says:

    So beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! May I ask what color are the walls in your kitchen?


    1. Thanks so much! The walls are Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams.


  47. Anna says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I’m trying to make this same decision on what tile to use for my backsplash as well. Which tile did you get end up choosing?


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