Create Instagram Wall Art!

Here is an easy and inexpensive way to display your Instagram photos as wall art! I created this display for our playroom.

How to create Instagram wall art: Easy and Inexpensive | Belleview Cottage

The first step was to print out my desired Instagram photos. Some photo sites, such as Walgreens, have a function to develop and print photos straight from your Instagram account! Check it out… it’s really easy!

I decided to do a 4 x 5 rectangular grid of photos, but you can do any arrangement you can think of!

Turn your Instagram photos into wall art! | Belleview Cottage

Next, I purchased a thick poster board from Hobby Lobby. It is about 1/4 inch thick. I also purchased double-sided tape, a yard stick, and picture-hanging hardware.

The most difficult part about this project is making sure that the photos are straight and spaced evenly on the poster board. I laid out the photos on the poster board in a mock lay-out, to see how far I wanted to space them (1/2-inch). I used the yard stick and a pencil to make light markings where the corners of each photo should go. This part was time consuming but important.

Next, I used the double-sided tape to attach the photos to the poster board. Then I used a gum eraser to erase any pencil markings that were still showing.

Finally, I stuck the picture-hanging hardware onto the back of the poster board. It had pointy ends that I stuck right into the poster board. I placed one in each corner, using the yard stick to make sure they were even.


I am pleased with the way this project turned out!

DIY tutorial, How to Turn your Instagram Photos into Wall Art | Belleview Cottage

How to turn your Instagram photos into wall art | Belleview Cottage

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