Photos from the Mayan Ruins at Tulum

A photo tour of the Mayan ruins and beautiful beach at Tulum, in Riviera Maya, Mexico | Belleview Cottage

While staying in Riviera Maya, we took a guided tour of the Mayan Ruins at Tulum.  This place was absolutely beautiful.  If you are headed to the Riviera Maya, you must visit this gorgeous location!

We did the “Tulum Half Day” tour with Cancun Adventures.  Our tour guide picked us up at our hotel, The Grand Riviera Princess, and took us to Tulum.  The ride was somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour.

The tour guide (pictured below), was very knowledgeable and passionate about Mayan history, which made the cost of the tour worthwhile.

20140531_091829 20140531_091936

The Mayans built a wall around the Tulum site, which is still intact.  You enter the site through this entrance in the wall.20140531_092549

TIP:  We visited the site first thing in the morning (around 9:00 am).  There was hardly anyone there.  That made for some great pictures, as you will see!  By the time we left (11:00 am), all of the pathways were PACKED with other tourists.  So, visit the site as early as possible to avoid the crowds.


There were numerous structures on the grounds.  This location in Tulum was a Mayan port city, and only wealthy “VIP” Mayans lived here.  It was a relatively small settlement, with 25 or so families.


We visited Tulum in the rain.  I was impressed with how beautiful the location was, despite the clouds and occasional downpour.20140531_093116 20140531_093129 20140531_093752 20140531_094718

Perhaps the most attractive feature at Tulum is the GORGEOUS beach.  The water is even beautiful on a cloudy day.20140531_094926 20140531_094935

There is a walkway from the historic site, down to the beach.20140531_095449

These photos speak for themselves!

20140531_095511 20140531_095546 20140531_095559 20140531_095848 20140531_095916 20140531_100049 20140531_101306 20140531_101520 20140531_101732 20140531_102237

Now, back to the historic site!  Here are some of the many structures on the site.


And more beach views along the way!

20140531_102534  20140531_102551b  20140531_102724b 20140531_102838 20140531_103035  20140531_103136b 20140531_103318a  20140531_103429b   20140531_103452b 20140531_103730 20140531_103936 20140531_104051

The end.  Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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