“Little Man” First Birthday Party!

Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I am so excited to share with you a photo tour of our son’s first birthday party!  We chose a “little man” theme, with mustaches and bowties, which was so fun!  Enjoy the tour of our party and check out the tutorials and party ideas I have included below 🙂  I will also share where I found all kinds of great bargains on party supplies and decorations 🙂

*Budget Tip*: Many of the accessories used for this party were purchased from Hobby Lobby.  Each week, a large portion of the Hobby Lobby store is on sale for 50% off.  To maximize your savings, make a list of needed items well in advance of your party.  Then, check the Hobby Lobby sales flier online each week.  Buy what’s on sale for that week, and hold off on the other items.  Chances are the other items will be 50% at some point in the near future, so keep checking the sales flier.

Also, check out my “Little Man” pinterest board, which features all of the ideas I got from tons of awesome pinterest pinners!

The tour begins at our front door.  You will notice a number of bunting banners throughout the party.  Check out my tutorial for making these here.  (coming soon!)

Welcome Sign & Mini Bunting Banner | Little Man Birthday Party | Belleview Cottage

I also made a number of printable signs on display throughout the party.  I used a chalkboard and blue chevron theme (and of course, lots of mustaches!).  All of the printables you see at the party are available in my etsy shop.  Here is a direct link to the Welcome Sign printable.

Check out these cute mustache printables! Belleview Cottage on Etsy

Inside the front door, I set up our party favors: a candy bar with cute mustache treat bags.  The burlap banner is from Hobby Lobby.  I cut out the bowties and mustaches from black cardstock and used double-stick tape to add them to the banner.  That way I can re-use the burlap banner later.

Candy Bar, Favor Table | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

For the candy jars, I used glass vases and one large glass jar that I had on hand.  I added some adorable mustache & top hat ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Candy Bar Party Favors | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

Party guests were also greeted by this picture banner after entering the house.  You can get the chalkboard clips here.

For baby's first birthday, display pictures from each month of his/her life.  These pics are suspended on twine with cute little chalkboard clothespin clips. | Little Man Party |Belleview Cottage

I used a roll of wrapping paper as the table runner on our food table.  I found this awesome blue & natural color wrapping paper for $1 at the Dollar Tree!

This “Stuff Your Stache” printable is available here.

Stuff Your Stache | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I used mason jars wrapped in burlap as containers for the plastic silverware.  How fun are these chalkboard tags from The One Spot at Target?  And I found the cute napkins for $1 at Big Lots!

One of our party guests brought these mason jars with roses and fresh herbs.  How awesome is that?!

To display silverware at a party, decorate a mason jar with burlap, and use chalkboard tags! | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

As an aside, how cute is our little man’s outfit from Carter’s?!?!  I ordered the bowtie from Flower Bucket Boutique, and I was so pleased that it matched the outfit perfectly!

Outfit from Carter's and bowtie from Flower Bucket Boutique on Etsy | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

And here is our beverage station:

Beverage Station: mason jars with daisy lids, paper straws, bunting, and "Wet Your Whiskers" sign | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

You can get the “Wet Your Whiskers” printable here.  And check out my hand-made bunting tutorial, here.  (coming soon!)

"Wet Your Whiskers" sign & bunting | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I can’t believe the deal I got on the mason jars… Drumroll, please… $1 each at The Dollar Tree!  The same mason jars are $22.49 for 12 (on sale) on Amazon right now.  I ordered the daisy lids from Amazon for $9 (12 lids).  I used a mixture of glass mason jars and plastic mason jars.  The plastic mason jars were only $1 at The Dollar Tree, including a plastic lid and straw!  I went back to The Dollar Store later to get more glass mason jars, and they were all gone.  The plastic ones were all gone too.  The deal was too good to pass up 🙂

The paper straws were from a flash sale on JANE.com.

Mason Jars with Daisy Lids & Paper Straws | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

Guests wrote their names on mustache stickers with a chalk marker.  A great way for guests to keep track of their drinks!

Beverage Station: Chalkboard Tags and Kiddie Cups :) | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

Since this was a FIRST birthday, we had lots of little guests who weren’t quite ready for a mason jar of their own (even a plastic one), so I ordered plastic straw cups for the wee ones 🙂

The chalkboard tags on the drinks are from The One Spot at Target.  The awesome carafes holding the lemonade are from Ikea (only $3.99!).

Here’s an awesome trick for parties: make large ice cubes using a cupcake or muffin tin.  The larger ice cubes melt into the drink more slowly.  For this party, I added fresh lemon, lime, strawberry, and cucumber slices to the water in the trays, and then froze them.  This created some awesome fruit-infused water, and the lemon ice cubes went in the sweet tea.

Adult Beverage Station | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I love this beverage tin that I found at Tuesday Morning!

Treat Table: bowtie cupcake toppers; mustache sugar cookies; chocolate pretzel "cigars"; mustache suckers; Real Men Eat Cupcakes Sign; and mustache/bowtie garland | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

The treat table included cupcakes (red velvet, s’mores, carrot cake, and banana); mustache sugar cookies; mustache suckers; and chocolate-dipped pretzel “cigars,” shown below.

You can get this “Real Men Eat Cupcakes” printable here.

Bowtie Cupcake Toppers | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I made the bowtie cupcake toppers from scrapbook paper and toothpicks.

The chocolate pretzel cigars were a bit of a pain to make… it turns out that melting chocolate for dipping isn’t as easy as it would seem!

Chocolate-dipped pretzel "cigars" | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

And here’s the mustache sucker in action.  I look pretty silly.  The kids looked a lot cuter, but I don’t want to put pictures of other people’s kids up on my blog.

Mustache Suckers | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

The fabric that I found to make this backdrop was amazing!  I got 2 yards on sale at JoAnn Fabric for around $5.  I wish I could remember what it was called 😦  It was near the utility fabrics, and I want to say it is something like “bag fabric?” for making reusable tote bags and shopping bags.  The consistency was almost papery.  I secured it around a piece of plywood left over from a prior DIY project.  I also used the fabric as a table runner on the treat table.  No sewing required; I just cut the fabric to the right size, and it was ready to go.

Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I made the mustache and bowtie garland from cardstock and used a needle and thread to hold it together.

I am pretty pleased with the way this smash cake turned out!  The cake stand is a candle holder that I found at Hobby Lobby for 40% off.  And I used this tutorial to make the bunting cake topper.

The smash cake was made from a baby-friendly recipe using bananas and honey.  If you are in search of a recipe, let me know and I will ask my awesome sister-in-law for the exact recipe she used 🙂

Smash Cake | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

Do you recognize the blue chevron printable, above?  You can get it for free on my blog, here!

Here is the area where our little man’s high chair was set up for the smash cake:

Little Man First Birthday Party | Belleview Cottage

The cute little chalk board is from Hobby Lobby.

I made a matching polka-dot bunting banner for the high chair:

Little Man First Birthday Party | Belleview Cottage

This happy birthday tie banner is one of my favorite creations for this party!  I just love the way it turned out 🙂

Happy Birthday Tie Banner | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

And now, the outdoor party space!  Although the food & drinks were inside, the guests spent most of their time hanging out in the backyard, because the weather was beautiful!

Outdoor Play Area & Party Space | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

It was a perfect day for relaxing and playing by the pool.

Pool Area & Hammock | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

Here’s the same turquoise chevron fabric that I used inside the house.  Again, it made a great table runner!

Outdoor Seating | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

This play area was a big hit with the kids!  They looooved the ball pit, and the play tunnel, too.

Outdoor Play Area | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

How cute is this banner?  It is a free printable by Printabelle, available here.

Outdoor Seating | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

And finally, the big hit of the party was the photo booth!  We all had a blast sporting the fun props and making silly poses 🙂  And now we have pictures of all our party guests for the little man to look at in the future.

DIY Photo Booth | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I made the photo booth props by hand using internet pictures as stencils.  I used spray adhesive to attach the cut-outs to cardboard.  Wooden dowels from Hobby Lobby made perfect wooden props.

The picture frame was $10 at Goodwill, and I am looking forward to using it for an upcoming DIY project 🙂

DIY Photo Booth | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

You can get the photo booth sign here.

Here is our family in the photo booth 🙂

DIY Photo Booth | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

Good times were had by all 🙂

DIY Photo Booth | Little Man Party | Belleview Cottage

I used a textured white table cloth as the photo booth backdrop.  I set it up in such a hurry, that I made a big mistake.  The camera sat on the tripod horizontally, and I hung the table cloth vertically.  Additionally, a horizontal backdrop would have been perfect for larger group shots, like the one above.  Oh well, I will do it better next time 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the photo tour of our little man’s first birthday party!  Take some ideas to use for your own party.  And send me a message if you have any questions.  I welcome your comments, below 🙂

"Little Man" party ideas! Printables and party decoration ideas for a Little Man party.

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  1. Mercedes says:

    Hi there. I was on your Etsy site and going to buy these adorable signs, but they are no longer available. Will they be again soon? My son’s birthday is the 12th of August.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Mercedes! My Etsy shop is back up and running. I hope this gives you enough time to get the signs printed in time for the party 🙂


  2. Emily says:

    Is your etsy shop not up and running anymore? I tried to go to it, and it said that that shop doesn’t exist?


  3. Georgette says:

    Hi there absolutely love what you did for your sons bday I want to do the exact same thing as my son turns one in August. Just wondering if your prints are still available as it says the etsy shop is down. Is it possible at all to still have access to them please! Thanks so much!


  4. Georgette says:

    Hi there, I was on your site and trying to print the signs for my sons bday and it seems like the etsy site is down. Will you be putting it back up any time soon? Thank you


  5. Genella says:

    Hi was trying to download your printables from Etsy but your shop is closed. Are they still available for download?


  6. Roxanna Wilson says:

    This is adorable!! My son is turning one here in November and this is the theme I want. Love all of your ideas. I just have one question. Did you put a camera on a tripod for your photo booth? Did you have someone running it or was there a timer on it?


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