How to Organize and Store Kids’ Clothes: Life Hack

How to Organize & Store Kids' Clothes (Life Hack) | Belleview Cottage

Now that my son is almost a year old, we have amassed quite a collection of clothes he has grown out of.  I’m not ready to let them go, however, because we are planning on having more babies.  Until now, I had been storing the outfits in various bags as he grew out of them.  They were starting to take up a lot of space on the top shelf of his closet.

How to Organize & Store Kids' Clothes | Belleview Cottage

I was thinking to myself, I wish I had some storage containers that could grow or shrink as they filled up (or emptied out), and would easily fit under the crib for storage.

Aha!  Then I thought of my pile of plastic zippered bags from various textiles we’ve collected over the years (sheets, comforters, curtains, etc.).  I saved them thinking they might be useful at some point.  These plastic bags are perfect for storing clothing under the crib or under a bed.  They would even work for adult clothing (like maternity clothes!).  The best part: these awesome storage bags are free! 🙂

I decided to organize the clothes by size, and made a separate bag for holiday-specific clothes & accessories, and a bag for the precious little baby blankets we aren’t using anymore.  The categories I used are:

  • Newborn & 0-3 months
  • 3 months & 3-6 months
  • 6 months
  • 6-12 months & 9 months
  • Holiday-specific
  • Small/receiving blankets

Your categories will depend on the size of your storage bags and the amount of clothing you have in each size.

How to Organize & Store Kids' Clothes | Belleview Cottage

I used a permanent marker to label the bags, and they easily slid under the crib for storage.  Now it will be easy to grab specific sizes for future babies as they grow, and keep the clothes not currently being used in “storage” under the crib.

Happy organizing!

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