$1 Crafting!

Paper & Dots DIY Glass Jar Gift

How cute is this relatively simple DIY craft project?  The best part . . . it is very inexpensive with these fun products found in The One Spot at Target (the shelves of bins near the entrance).  If you haven’t discovered these cute little products yet, run to your nearest Target and check them out!

$1 Craft Supplies from Paper & Dots

I’ve been collecting all kinds of cute from The One Spot lately, like these:

$1 Chalkboard Tags | Belleview Cottage

Interestingly, I found these at the local Dollar Store earlier this week, and plan to use them for a project:

$1 Apothecary Jars | Belleview Cottage

These little jars had a link to Paper & Dots on the label.  That’s how I discovered their site with a few cute project ideas like the one pictured at the top of this post.  It turns out that Paper & Dots is the company behind the adorable Target $1 deals.

Cute DIY Gift Jar with $1 Craft Supplies

Hopefully I will be posting pictures of completed projects soon 🙂

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