$1 Crafting!

How cute is this relatively simple DIY craft project?  The best part . . . it is very inexpensive with these fun products found in The One Spot at Target (the shelves of bins near the entrance).  If you haven’t discovered these cute little products yet, run to your nearest Target and check them out!

DIY Rustic Picture Frame

Today’s fun project was this distressed photo frame.  In fact, I made two of them. I found the picture frames on clearance for $3.60 (!) at Hobby Lobby.  The before pic doesn’t show it very well, but the frames had an ugly greenish tint.  So I bought them for a steal, with the intention of…

Super Easy DIY Kitchen Canister

This one is so easy it doesn’t require much explanation. The container is upcycled – it was a large plastic jar of almonds that we bought from Costco.

Rustic Wine Riddling Rack (Wooden A-Frame Wine Rack)

Check out this gorgeous rustic wine rack that just arrived in the mail!  (Isn’t it like a mini-Christmas when online orders arrive?)  See below for ideas of how to make one yourself, or buy a similar style online.