DIY Decorative “Non-Chalkboard” Message Boards

DIY Erasable Decorative Message Board | Belleview Cottage

Chalkboard messages are all the rage!  How beautiful are these chalkboard vignettes (courtesy of pinterest)?:

So, why make this DIY non-chalkboard?  Three reasons:

1) You can easily customize the frame & background to coordinate with your decor.

2) The dry-erase nature of this board makes writing easier and way cleaner than traditional chalkboards.

And finally: 3) If DIY projects had a difficulty scale of 1-10, this project would be a 1 (super easy!).  No paint or tools necessary here.

Step 1: Buy (or repurpose) a cute picture frame.  I purchased the white one from Michaels at 40% off, plus an extra 25% off with coupon (whoo hoo!).  The black frame is from Hobby Lobby (they have 50% off sales every few weeks).

DIY Erasable Decorative Message Board | Belleview Cottage

Step 2: Select craft paper (scrapbook paper) with your desired pattern.  I love the rustic turquoise wood pattern!  For the black frame, I selected a blackish paper that resembles chalkboard.

Step 3: Crop the paper to fit in your picture frame, and insert it under the glass.

Step 4: Write your desired message on the glass with either dry-erase marker, or erasable chalk marker.  Change it as often as the mood strikes you 🙂

 Chalk Marker

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rusha Sams says:

    Love your ideas — why not have colored chalkboards? You might like my Chalkboard Ideas board on Pinterest!


    1. Hi Rusha, thanks for visiting! I am now following your pinterest board. Take care!


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